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Independent digital photo artist, cohabiting with my beloved life partner, mother to 2 adult sons, and grandmother to little August. I came into the world under the sign of Leo in 1965, grow up in the beautiful small archipelago town of Vaxholm in Stockholm County. Nature and Sea and its healing powers are fascinating and a place where I recover, clear my thoughts and connect with my Higher Self. In 2010 I moved to Stora Vika Nynäshamn in the southern part of Stockholm county, renovated an old switchyard and there I now live close to the sea and beautiful nature and downstairs I have my studio.
My personal life events have led me to believe in spirituality and supernatural.



inspiration comes from the energy of fire, and I let my inner guides guide me in my creation.

I am a self-taught photographer and Photoshop user, common to all my works is that I create them digitally based on images of flames I photographed in my first and only New Year's fire in the New Year 2009/2010 and which I now process 10 years later in Photoshop where they get their own unique character.

My interest in art and manipulating images took off at the beginning of the 2000s, When I met a female photo artist, and my great interest in photography, Photoshop and the printing technique sublimation was then set in motion. The summer of 2019 was the starting point for me and my artistic career

Some of my spiritual guides who have been and are with me on my journey as an artist;
My father, when I grew up he taught me to relax and to trust myself,
My grandfather, he had a newspaper printing company, I grew up in that house,
the Artist Chester Tingler (married on my fathers side) from Florida USA (1886-1966) Chester was a WPA artist, taught art in Coconut Grove, Florida, and produced works in watercolor and mixed media, he suffered a natural disaster and almost all his works were destroyed.

Digital technology in the form of photography and photoshop and digital printing.

I print on recycled aluminum and mdf (I use environmentally friendly ink), a printing technique where the print itself goes into the surface and gives a durable print without noticeable edges, with clear colors, nice details and deep black, the products are specially made for the sublimation technique. I make the prints by hand, one by one, I use a printer that prints the image from the computer, scissors and heat-resistant tape as well as a printing press, humidity, temperature and printing time affect the result so each print is therefore unique.

Some of my paintings I print on clear aluminum and the bright colors become partially transparent, which means that the aluminum shine shines through and gives the painting an extra shine and the design changes slightly depending on how the light falls on the painting.
I print only one original of each artwork, on the back of the work; signed, numbered 1 of 1 and print date.

I create my art digitally based on images of flames I photographed in our first and only New Year's fire in the New Year 2009/2010 and which I now process in Photoshop where they get their own unique character, I can retrieve the manipulated image and create new creations from it.

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