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Since 2018 I am a self-taught artist, living in Strängnäs. I paint in oil, mainly motifs such as sea and sky in a realistic style. I am very inspired by light and dark and the contrasts that form and I want to try to imitate that in my paintings. I feel that nature should be embraced properly and I try to bring out the little magic in my art, because I want others to see what I also see. I have a BA in art history with a focus on Italian Renaissance Art, Aesthetics and Latin from before which caught my interest in trying painting myself.



The old masters, such as Caravaggio and Botticelli. And also the 19th century impressionists.

Nature in general. I grew up by a big lake which I think have had a huge impact in how I view nature. I always take pictures of the sky and clouds, and find inspiration that way.

Self taught.
Bachelor in art history

Strängnäs Vårmarknad - 18/5 kl.10-15

Oil paint, I lean towards realistic and impressionistic styles.

I usually work in around 2 hour sessions each time. I can't sit very long while painting due to the drying time it needs in-between layers. I work mostly in layers which needs a few days to dry each time.
Recently I'm enjoying working "alla prima" which means I paint in one layer wet on wet.

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