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I'm a 24 year old Stockholm-based artist. I grew up in between Stockholm and South Africa. My interest for drawing started as a child. Around my early teens came the interest of painting and I was enchanted very quickly. At the age of 18 I rented a small shop premises which would become my first art studio. Now my best companions and I have started a creative studio in Nacka; Nine Waves Studio. My mind is made up to work creatively the rest of my life and I'm looking forward the journey!



My interest for drawing started as a child. I remember being super interested in the making of a single line. I carefully considered how the paper was blank on the one side of my pen, then stained where I had dragged it. The line was the past and the blank was the future, the point where the pen touched the paper, was right now. I started thinking about metaphors regarding creation. Symbolic interpretations, metaphors and mysteries all invoke my interest.

22nd November - 4th December
Upplandsgatan 48.

I see the painting process as very much a reflection of my mental state. A painting can be a psychological challenge. This means that every finished painting is a victory. Sometimes the symbolic significance is very clear to me, sometimes more mystical.