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My name is Kristina Philips. I am 34 years old and living in Stockholm with my husband and our two kids. I was born in Bosnia but moved to Sweden when I was two years old due to conflict and war.
Ever since I was little I have loved to paint and draw, and to be creative in different ways.

I fell in love with painting for real I year ago when me and my family lived abroad for a couple of months. And since then I have been painting almost every day with the intention of enjoying myself and being in the moment. And just to go with the flow of creativity!



Nostalgia and memories.
Hallonbergen subway station and perfumes I used in high school.
Beautiful landscapes and mountains.
My favorite color Pink!! But also all colors in general.
Different geometrical shapes and lines.
Mark Rothko and Hilma Af Klint.
Planets and stars. Space and skies.
Artist on Instagram.

Self taught.

Acrylic paint and Posca pencils

At my kitchen table late at night