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Lillie Erhardt (Born 1988 in Stockholm) is a self-taught artist from Sweden that loves to paint abstract art inspired by nature. By using the green and blue colours from nature she wants to create a harmonious feeling for the observer. She loves to use all techniques such as acrylic, oil and watercolour. She also does graphic illustrations.

Winter meets spring in stockholm


Nature with its green and blue colors.


Will be in the Swedish magazine "Villa Nytt" that is coming out in May.
It will be an interview with me and about my art, two pages.

I like to explore the mix of the impressionism's brushstrokes together with the feelings and colours from abstract expressionism. The combined techniques give the painting a deeper and more intense look.

I paint abstract art and after a feeling I have in the moment. I paint very intense/short period of time to capture the feeling I have right then. It is important that the feelings I have in the moment get captured.

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