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Lisbeth Olofsdotter

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Lisbeth has been painting for as long as she can remember. What painting does, is provide Lisbeth with peace and some sort of happiness! She has her own studio at home, which she finds being a great fortune.



Lisbeth finds inspiration in anything from an article in a paper to travels deep into the Far East. The natural light in Gotland, Sweden, is one concrete example of where she gathers inspiration. Luckily, Gotland is also where she has her summer house.

TECHNIQUE: Lisbeth Olofsdotter works in various art forms such as textile art, porcelain painting and silversmith.

- Solo exhibition at Galleri Grip, Stockholm in October 2021.
- Van Gogh Art Gallery, Madrid 2020
- Contemporary Art Fair in Brussels in November 2021.
- Konst i Roslagen, open studio October, 1-2
- Affordable Art Fair, Stockholm April 2022
- Stocholm Fisk, Stockholm, pågående t o m 9 april 2023
- Artist Arena Showroom, Stockholm March, 31 - April 10 2023

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