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Mag Blue is a visual artist, living in Sweden, who works in painting, photography, sculpture and design. She also expresses her creative sensitivity through installations and performance. She is an active initiator, curator and producer of cultural concepts.

Mag has over 200 artistic projects and several valuable awards, incl. 2019 Diploma for Merits of the Minister of Culture and Cultural Heritage.

She has a permanent cooperation with various galleries in Sweden, France, USA and is a member of several art and photography associations. Her art works are exhibited almost all over the world, and the largest private collection of her works is in New York.

Many of her publication about art, design and her artistic projects were published, among other in magazines such as: Villa, Rezydencje, Gentleman, Interior and Garden, Elity, Pangea Magazine, Stockholm Designer Magazine, etc.

Body language barefoot


“The entire universe is inspiring for me. Usually I create based on high vibrations. There is a particle of me and my quantum charge in everything I do. Regardless of whether I have a brush, camera or, for example, a soldering iron in my hand, I always feel after finishing work that something extraordinary has happened in me and this feeling is addictive...” - Mag Blue

Upcoming projects and exhibitions:
23 September – 4 November 2022 – My Perfect Shot, Very Best Black&White, Portrait Photographer of the Year – Bridgeport Art Center, in Chicago, USA – three collective, international photography exhibitions.

30 September – 3 October 2022 – Best of Black & White, Creative Composition – The SPACE Art Gallery, Philadelphia, USA – two collective, international photography exhibitions.

7 – 10 October 2022 – Travel Photographer Of The Year, Sparks Gallery, San Diego, USA – a collective, international photography exhibition.

8 – 13 October 2022 – Earth’s Pulse, Engelson Galleri, Stockholm, Sweden – individual painting exhibition.

28 – 30 October 2022 – My Best Shot – Gallery Valid World Hall, Barcelona, Spain – a collective, international photography exhibition.

2 – 4 December 2022 – Solo – Single subject – FotoZA Gallery, Johannesburg, South Africa – a collective, international photography exhibition.

Full BIO: https://magblueart.se/artistic-projects/

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