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In the archipelago in Stockholm, Värmdö, we find the linocut artist Stine. In her studio she creates hand-printed linocuts, blurring the line between graphics and painting.

Stine works a lot to bring out variegation in the print itself, to create life, movement and depth in the artworks. A “perfect” print is not the goal, individual artworks are created here and not classic print series. Stine grew up in Norway, with a father who is a lithographer. In high school, she studied art and there she tried linocuts for the first time. Many years later, she found some of her old works from school and with that, a desire was awoken within Stine to take up this knowledge.

When Stine creates, it is often with simple contrasts and few colors. She mixes the printing color “carelessly” to avoid an even color, and to rather have it break with another or multiple colors. She also likes to use other techniques in her creation such as watercolor to create a dynamic between the static in the print, and the more alive watercolor. She often works with the female body. To explore how she can portray the woman without sexualizing her. Stine thinks that the female body itself is very exciting and interesting to work with, all the shapes and emotions that a body can create just by being and how can she as an artist convey this without objectifying the body.

Azurit min


She finds much of her inspiration for her works in her own life and experiences, society, social media, newspapers and advertising, mainly in how the female body is often portrayed.

- 3 years art in high school in Norway.

2022, Art Nordic, Copenhagen, Denmark

2022, Artist Arena, Upplandsgatan 48, Stockholm, Sweden

2022, BODY WE, art film, Galleri Hind, Stockholm Sweden.

2022, Vive la liberté, Bang Bang Art group, Group exhibition, Stockholm Sweden

2021, Gruppe 21, Group exhibition, Mo.z.art Gallery, Bergen, Norway.

2021, BODY I, Solo exhibition, Juste Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden.

2021, Humanism, Group Exhibition, The Holy Art, Romantso, Athens, Greece.

2021, Digital exhibition, VIRTUAL Art exhibition BLAST, The Holy Art, London, UK

2021, Summer exhibition, Bang Bang Art group, Nora Gård, Värmdö, Sweden

2020, Collective exhibition art group, LENK, Galleri Bellman, Stockholm, Sweden

2019, Solo exhibition, StineKdesign, Nora Gård, Värmdö, Sweden