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Tone was born and raised in Norway, Oslo 1966. Ever since 1993 she has lived in Sweden. Nowadays Tone has settled by the archipelago in Gothenburg on an island called Björkö. This is where her ateliers reside and where she conducts all of her creative work.

Tone uses acrylic and oil to make her paintings look more vivid thanks to the structure and thick layers of colors. In return, this creates an illusional three-dimensional effect. Moreover, she adds layers upon layers of different colors to achieve astonishing color palettes, light, and depth. Tone has participated in several exhibitions in Norway and Sweden. You can find her artwork in private collections in multiple countries.

Blushing 2 min


Tone loves nature and frequently draws inspiration from the beautiful landscape of Sweden. Her camera is her loyal companion that never leaves her side. The photos work as an inspirational tool, often showing a part of a larger whole. This makes the motives appear abstract, allowing the fantasy to flow freely.

- 2007-2004 Oil and acrylic painting with Sören Olsson.

- 2005-2004 Oil painting with Per Hagman.

- 2004-2003 Croquis and sculpturing with Christer Brandström.

- Market Economist Bachelor in Retail Management.

- Besides painting, Tone has always experimented with her creative side. She has worked as a shoe designer and product developer for home-interior.

Recent exhibitions:

- Affordable Art Fair, Stockholm

- Konst och Antikmässan, Stockholm

New projects:

- 17-06-22 to 27-06-22 exhibition in Artist Arena Showroom, Stockholm

- 04-08-22 to 17-08-22 exhibition at Strandverket, Marstrand

- June, July and August exhibition in gallery Siljan Björkö