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Viktor grew up in Gothenburg. His father is from Gothenburg, Sweden and his mother is from Paranágua, Brazil. Him and his family lived in New Jersey when he was 1 to 3 years of age. When they moved back to Sweden, they brought all the VHS movies, books and toys from the states, resulting in Viktor growing up with Swedish, Brazilian and a little American culture. When aged 13, he found out that he had ADHD and was with that medicated. It made him a little insecure and self-conscious. He was taught never to blame his situation because of his diagnosis.

The same year he turned 18 he stopped medicating and he soon learned that ADHD can be to his advantage. That he can channel his focus and spend hours on things he finds interesting. This gave Viktor a lot of confidence back and he could instead feel proud of his diagnosis. He feels like we learn a lot about how much difficulty people with ADHD have and not enough the positive aspects. One year after he stopped medicating he started picking up drawing and enjoyed watching YouTube tutorials intensely to absorb as much knowledge and skill as possible so that he later could develop a personal style.

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“Inspiration comes when I see or hear something I do that makes me kick. It could be something beautiful from nature or something fun that made me laugh. Music is also something that inspires me, especially hip hop. When I'm not painting, I love watching all types of movies, I like new animation and also classic cartoons. For example Tom and Jerry, Pixar, Gorillaz, Disney and others.

Asian culture inspires me too. Chinese, Japanese and Korean especially. The discipline, the techniques, their attention to detail, anime and manga, fascination with toys and collectibles, the music, the food and the clothes. It's just all so cool!” - Viktor Palm

Viktor is a self-taught artist, taught through youtube tutorials and drawing books. His art is very technically based and he likes to see himself as a contemporary visual artist. He likes to make people laugh and just feel good about themselves, which he strives for infusing in his art. Viktor is not trying to comment on the status quo or anything political. “In these days with all the overconsumption of information and general propaganda.” - Viktor Palm

INFLUENCES: “Speaking of influences, I have taken a lot from Takashi Murakami's way of building patterns with simple elements and characters. The same with the New York City artist Kaws. I moreover pick up my "Los Angeles"-psychedelic-1920s-cartoon-style from Steven Harrington (LA), McBess (Fr) and Jamie Browne (Aus). Environment and background I’m influenced by David Hockney. In terms of pop-art I draw alot of inspiration from Roy Lichtenstein. Character design from Jamie Hewlett, visual artist for the Gorillaz. I like to see my creations as a way to pass the torch on. That "I can do that"-feeling I get when I see or hear something that resonates with me or people I admire. That same feeling would be cool to give back.