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A Rising Star on the Contemporary Art Scene – Interview with Emanuele Tozzoli

August, 2020. A journey through archetypes, visions and nightmares of childhood. Attracted by the most hidden parts of human nature, he descends in its depths in search of the original figures. Italian contemporary artist Emanuele Tozzoli lives his art as a deep path of openness and knowledge, investigating the subtle nature of artistic composition. With an instinctive and visceral workflow, it lets loose what comes from his unconscious – often using a recurring symbology. We sat down to have a talk with rising contemporary star, Emanuele Tozzoli.
By Fredrik DIVE

Artist and art entrepreneur with a special focus on democratizing the art world with transparency, availability and platforms for a new generation of artists, art enthusiasts and art collectors.

Hi Emanuele, we are very excited to be able to do this interview with you during these strange times. We absolutely love your contemporary, naïve figurativism and introspective characters with bold contrasts. Please, could you share with our readers what have paved the way to this very distinct and unique form of expression?

Emanuele, – “Personally I started painting in the very early years of my childhood, together with my father, also an artist. This certainly had a big impact in my artistic research and in my way of conceiving art. I have memories of when I was 5 or 6 years old that I created my first small sculptures with him, assembling objects and different materials. Subsequently I also studied musical composition for several years, these are in my opinion some of the key elements that contributed to the development of my artistic vision.”

Your dreamlike characters hints of impressionistic experience from dreams or your inner self. That, as well as a playfulness with childlike figures. Where does this stem from and do you – and if so how – interpret these different portrayed figures?

Emanuele, – “My art is the result of an instinctive and visceral workflow, I love to freely let out the primitive and irrational parts that reside hidden within our depths. The universal energy that flows within us is often filtered and reduced by the rational parts, which close the flow a little like a tap with water. Each painting is the materialization of an inner world, full of dreamlike and extravagant characters, each painting is for me part of a research and a discovery of my deepest parts.”

Original work “Tempesta Celebrale” by Emanuele Tozzoli

If I was an 18-year old artist, striving to take my painting hobby pro; what would your 3 best advice be on finding a unique expression?

Emanuele, – “Personal research is certainly fundamental, not only in the field of art but in every field of life. Art is a reflection of who we are, it is a litmus test of our most intimate personality, a mirror of what we have and what we don’t have inside us. So enrich yourself with study, experiences and research in every field of life. Surely dealing with other artists and with the great masters is an excellent way to grow, but in my opinion it is fundamental to find your own path, unique and personal. Let our masters settle inside us, forget them, and then make them resurface without forcing, in a completely natural way. Personally, having also studied musical composition for many years, I can say that the study of music and in particular of a musical instrument can greatly enrich the creative mental paths.”

Continuing on the former question, if I was an 18-year old artist, striving to take my painting hobby pro; what would your 3 best advice be on getting out and establishing oneself on the national/internatonal art market?

Emanuele, – “I would certainly recommend working a lot on your personal image, presence and work on social networks and online marketing strategies. I believe that today it is obvious to everyone how important the online image is, how powerful a correct use of social media is. I would also add to proceed with enthusiasm and determination, with a positive and constructive attitude, these are some of the key elements for me.”

Original work “Fallen King” by Emanuele Tozzoli

We rather not to put too much focus on the current Covid-19, as we believe this is already taking up its fair share of space in our current daily life and news. But with that said, how do you stay busy during this quarantine and do you have any advice on how to channel the emotions erupting during this time?

Emanuele, – “Personally, I have spent this period of quarantine at home and in the garden. I was unable to go to my main studio, but I continued to paint and draw every day in my home studio. Surely painting, music and every form of art are a great way to channel your energy and emotions.”

From your perspective, do you sense that the art market will be any different in a post-Covid-19 world compared to how it was prior to Covid-19? And if so, in what way(s)?

Emanuele, – “Difficult to make predictions right now, I would say, the world is constantly evolving, and now more than ever. History is being written day by day. Surely the online market will be more and more present, and with it the visibility and exposure-strategies.

Original work “Valley of Wonders” by Emanuele Tozzoli

Lastly, could you share with us your top-three artworks from your archive (whether it’s your personal favorites or the three works you have received the most feedback on), and explain in a couple of sentences what we are looking at?

Emanuele, – “Here I will be happy to leave any interpretation to you. I like that every person is free to interpret the works in a unique and personal way. The works move within each of us different sensations, remote and authentic impulses. This is one of the reasons why I prefer not to alter the personal vision of the works.”

Well put. Thank you so much for taking the time to share a lot of interesting insights and best of luck with your coming projects!

Emanuele, – “Thank you very much. Great talking to you!”

The top three artworks from Emanuele’s artworks can be seen throughout this article. For more artworks by Emanuele Tozzoli, click here: https://www.bandittoart.com/emanuele-tozzoli

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