Love of Phoenix

By: Udvar Henriette Timea

  • Contemporary
  • Acrylic

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Year: 2020

Framed: Framed

Width: 80.00cm

Height: 100.00cm

  • Acrylic
Art genres:
  • Contemporary

An UHT Udvar Henriette Timea product from 2020. What do you see in the picture? After all, what is happening inside us always comes through by a beautiful picture, a wonderful music. Emotions are fulfilled through art. This painting is one of the soulmates series. Love is something more than what exists in this world, which always leads to something even better and even more wonderful, intangible. So as the Phoenix. The bird builds a nest and sets itself on fire when its life cycles. From its ashes, a young Phoenix is born. Symbols associated with the creature include fire, ashes, renewal, and resurrection.
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