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My name is Gabriella Marmbrandt, 32 years old self-taught artist based in Skåne, Sweden. I've always had the need to create, one way or another. I think we all have that need, just that it manifests itself differently. When I was younger, I wrote and sketched a lot. I first drew the brush stroke with acrylic about seven years ago, and after that I've been hooked. It became therapeutic, and it has become a way of expressing all of me. My feelings, dreams, thoughts, impressions and fantasies. I also write poems to many of my works. Which I feel gives what I'm trying to convey a more depth and stronger message.

Mot morgondagen


In short, I am inspired by life and all that goes within it. We humans, our relationships, our needs and our strong emotions. What lies hidden beneath the surface, the depth in us. The humanity of being human. Even animals and nature are close to me and I often link animals and people together.