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The Future of Art? Insights with Artsy CMO Everette Taylor

The art world is changing faster than ever before. Top that with a global pandemic and political tension, both domestically and internationally. Events that are having large scale effects on the international art scene as a whole. Highly affecting the way we experience and consume art. Who better to ask of what the future of the art world holds, than Artsy’s Chief Marketing Officer, Everette Taylor? A serial tech entrepreneur with an incredible talent and proven know-how in marketing, when helping build several multi-million dollar brands. Since 2019, he is the new CMO of the world’s largest marketplace online for discovering, selling and buying art – Artsy.net.
By Fredrik DIVE

Artist and art entrepreneur with a special focus on democratizing the art world with transparency, availability and platforms for a new generation of artists, art enthusiasts and art collectors.

In your opinion, how has the art world changed over the past 5-10 years?

Everette, – In all honesty, I can’t properly answer this question because I would say that I’ve only truly been in the art world for 3 years. I’m a relatively newcomer compared to most but art is something I’ve become extremely passionate about. I made a choice to humble myself and learn as much as I could, and I’m still learning.

But what I can say is that the art world is becoming increasingly more digital and technologically driven. It’s been amazing at Artsy to see how much art is now being transacted without a collector seeing the art in person. I believe collectors now are so much more digitally savvy, they’re constantly discovering new artists on platforms like Artsy, and via social media, and by sharing with other collectors over the internet.
The art world is quickly expanding, more artists and collectors than ever. The digital world is quickly making art more accessible than ever and I’m glad that Artsy is at the forefront.

There’s also a greater appreciation for women and underrepresented artists, even more specifically black artists. But there is a thin line between appreciation and commoditization. I believe the art world needs to hold itself accountable and genuinely support underrepresented artists, not just monopolize them.

Original work “Unrequited” by Tschabalala Self

What do you see as the most important takeaways, so far, from the art year 2020?

Everette, – Art is here to stay. It showed that art intrinsically has an emotional healing power, where a lot of people find comfort. People still see a lot of value in art, even during unprecedented times.

At Artsy, by June our e-commerce sales were up almost 200% year over year and saw a 500% increase in commercial activity the next month in July during Masterpiece art fair.

Some people tend to think art isn’t “necessary” but these numbers show how important art is to many people around the world. And during a time where people couldn’t go to see art in real life at galleries, museums, and fairs – people needed art in their homes to make up for it.

Also, 2020 has shown how important it is for the art world to adopt the digital space and technology. The art world has to adapt to survive and I’m very proud of how much we’ve helped our partners on Artsy to still be able to thrive during a time while we were on lockdown.

Everette Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer at Artsy

What are the most important aspects, to have in mind and adapt to for present day art actors (galleries, museums, professional artists) – in order to thrive or in some cases, even survive?

Everette, – To reiterate about what I said earlier, everyone has to adopt the digital space. That’s creating online content, using social media to build community, and being open to transacting online if you sell art.

Also the world can’t be so insular. Galleries have to expand their collector bases, museums have to be able to appeal to new audiences, and professional artists have to understand that many collectors are now discovering artists on the internet and social media. All I can say is, embrace the change.

Jadé Fadojutimi in front of her original art, pictured by Anamarija Ami Podrebarac

How is the future of the art world looking? 

Everette, – It looks extremely bright to me. The art world is expanding at a rapid pace and more people are becoming interested in art.

I do worry about the manipulation of the market and so much pressure being put on artists early on before they really have time to develop. But for the most part, I’m super optimistic. I’m excited about what we’re building at Artsy which I think will make the art world a lot more accessible, increase liquidity, and reduce friction,  helping many new people find their own love for art.

As an art world community we have to come together and make things better. Confronting some of the archaic structures that currently exist. To make a more fair and welcoming space, I think we are heading in the right direction but we still have a long way to go.

How is the millennial generation going to experience and consume art? Are we seeing any differences compared to previous generations of art consumers?

Everette, – Oh things are so much different. Many of the collectors I know are discussing new artists on social media. Matter of fact, I’m not sure the numbers but I would be willing to bet money that more people are consuming art online than off it now.

Technology allows you to consume art now without leaving your couch. I think you will see more AR/VR technology continue to develop in the art world and change how people consume art but there’s no replicating seeing art in real life.

Original work “A Question Only Answered With Another Question” by Kenturah Davis

Which 5 artists should everyone interested in art, follow on Instagram and why?

Everette, – Five?! That’s so tough. Can I give 10? If so, here’s 10 artists I think are going to fundamentally change the world of art. They are pushing the boundaries but even better, they are all amazing human beings.

Also if I can, I want to say to also keep your eye on Emmanuel Massillon (@massi____) and Mosie Romney (@mo.romney). Both very young but I believe their potential is out of this world.

There’s even more that I’m leaving off and it’s hurting me but this is why the art world is in such a good place and the future’s so bright. It’s because of so many amazing artists.

We just launched our annual edition of The Artsy Vanguard, which spotlights our selection—in collaboration with curators and leading art professionals—of both newly emerging and getting-their-due artists. Those artists are great to check out as well. Check The Artsy Vanguard out here: https://www.artsy.net/feature/the-artsy-vanguard-2020

Be sure to check out and follow Everette for more insights and behind the scenes of the global art market. You do that here:

Instagram: @everette
Facebook: @everettetaylorjr
Website: everettetaylor.com

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