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Artist Arena at Affordable Art Fair Stockholm

In the 10 year anniversary of Affordable Art Fair Stockholm, we at Artist Arena are very proud to be exhibiting 8 selected members out of our talented community of artists. During the fair Artist Arena will be exhibiting a spectra of art genres and artists from all over Sweden. From figurative contemporary, via sublime aquarelles […]

In the 10 year anniversary of Affordable Art Fair Stockholm, we at Artist Arena are very proud to be exhibiting 8 selected members out of our talented community of artists.

During the fair Artist Arena will be exhibiting a spectra of art genres and artists from all over Sweden. From figurative contemporary, via sublime aquarelles to multi-layered abstract artworks from 8 different artists. Which artists will Artist Arena represent at this year’s Affordable Art Fair Stockholm? We are indeed pleased to present our selection below:

1. Emma Malm

Alter Ego 2, 60×80 cm by Emma Malm

Emma Malm is a 34-year-old contemporary artist known for her colorful modern portraits and animals inspired by the human beauty, different techniques, life itself and colors. She is an up and coming artist that have been recognized by a number of art galleries in Stockholm. She is based in Stockholm, Sweden. But have also lived and painted in London.

Art has been a great part of Emma’s life as long as she can remember. She has tried many different styles and methods. Right now she prefers to work with acrylics, larger canvases, colorful themes and a lot of metallic leafs.

She chooses subjects who are delicate and attractive, these female figures are also energetic and resolute. Their representation in bright and fashionable colours echoes her own impressionism-popart genre, but the subjects themselves are outside the confines of that artistic category. While meeting on the canvas the spots of paint harmonize and give to each of the portraits its own soul.

2. Maria Slättman

Fading, 50x61cm by Maria Slättman

Maria Slättman is a contemporary artist based in Sweden. She has been drawing and painting since early childhood and had a dream early on, of becoming an artist when growing up.

However, studies in life science took her in a different direction and she eventually acquired a doctor’s degree in molecular biology. She longed for an opportunity to express her creative side and the turning point came while living in Silicon Valley where she got influenced by San Francisco’s inspiring art scene. She started taking painting classes and finally a few years back there was an opportunity to change career path completely.

Maria has recently started to attract attention from different galleries and collectors in Europe. Her artwork has been exhibited in physical and digital exhibitions in Sweden, Spain and France and she is moreover represented on several digital art platforms.

3. Peter Frejeberg

Urban Jungle, 70×100 cm by Peter Frejeberg

Peter is a self-taught artist who paints and photographs on spare time. “I mostly paint abstract art on different kinds of canvases, but love to explore new ways to express my art. I love to be creative and see colors mix and create life.”

“My inspiration is in my everyday life and most of the things I see is a potential picture or coloration to the next painting. Also all kinds of music is a big source of inspiration, it feels like everything goes hand in hand in a beautiful mix of tones and colors. A painting needs time and focus, quality before quantity. And all kinds of emotions are tools for inspiration and creativity.” – Peter Frejeberg

4. Martina Ehrenborg

Breathe Free, 70x100cm by Martina Ehrenborg

Martina Ehrenborg is a figurative and abstract painter from Gothenburg, Sweden. She uses different techniques and mediums for her works. Most commonly used however, is aquarelles and acrylics. Her artworks can be found in private collections in countries around the world.

Martina Ehrenborg has, beside her aquarelle and acrylic art, also been a digital artist and sculptor for many years. In New Zealand for instance, she worked for filmmaker Peter Jackson. While there, painting textures for animated characters in feature films such as The Hobbit, Hunger Games and Planet of the Apes. Martina Ehrenborg thinks that working with visual effects was an amazing experience and she loved being part of big productions. With that said, creating her own art and being able to paint whatever is in her mind is a dream that she has always had.

5. Hesho Serray

Essence, 80x100cm by Hesho Serray

“Since childhood, I have painted in various forms, acrylic, drawing, realistic, esoteric and now abstract. I have painted digitally but started to miss working with different structures and really get to know the material I work with. Therefore, I have started my journey towards abstract painting with materials such as putty, clay and acrylic.”

Sources of inspiration to Hesho Serray’s abstract works are different feelings, beauty of life, energy and nature. She highly enjoys mixing scandinavian art with her own textural abstract style. Recentley discovering and drawing inspiration from the aesthetic philosophy Wabi Sabi. Leading her to incorporate more of these principles in her artworks.

6. Ann-Chatrin Lasu Forsén

Untitled, 65x95cm by Ann-Chatrin Lasu Forsén

A big inspiration for AnnChatrin’s abstract artworks is the American abstract expressionist Lee Krasner. One could however, also sense some influences from the German abstract visual artist Gerhard Richter – in AnnChatrin Lasu Forsén’s pieces. Wouldn’t you say?

“My work as a psychologist has inspired me alot and given my art new dimensions. Now, without words – viewing and expressing inner and outer worlds. Where the conscious meet the sub-conscious. Texture, colors and layer on top of layers are important aspects in my work.” – AnnChatrin Lasu Forsén

7. Josefine Westelindh

Night Diving, 80×80 cm by Josefine Westelindh

Josefine Westelindh is an artist from the Swedish south. Painting is Josefine’s biggest passion in life. She can recall being in preschool, and her favorite time of the day would be when she was allowed to draw and paint. Luckily, as she grew older, this love for painting never faded away.

Josefine’s passion to travel around the world, has allowed her to meet and interact with different cultures, nature and wildlife. She values being able to reminisce those moments and recreate them in here paintings. Her art is furthermore her free zone, where she can express her inner feelings and thoughts of life.

8. Lisbeth Olofsdotter

Fågeldamen, 92x73cm by Lisbeth Olofsdotter

Lisbeth finds inspiration in anything from an article in a paper to travels deep into the Far East. The natural light in Gotland, Sweden, is one concrete example of where she gathers inspiration. Luckily, Gotland is also where she has her summer house.

Lisbeth Olofsdotter is a retiree, giving her a lot of time on her hands to paint. She has her own studio at home, which she finds being a great fortune. Lisbeth has been painting for as long as she can remember. What painting does, is provide Lisbeth with peace and some sort of happiness!

You find our selected artists in Artist Arena’s booth, C10 at Affordable Art Fair Stockholm, April 20th-24th. Warm welcome!

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