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Josefine Westelindh is a Swedish-based artist. Painting is Josefine’s biggest passion in life. She can recall being in preschool, and her favorite time of the day would be when she was allowed to draw and paint. Luckily, as she grew older, this love for painting never faded away. The past years she has had the opportunity to arrange several exhibition around Sweden.

Above the Sphere


In her early twenties she took a year to travel all around the world. This journey allowed her to meet different cultures, nature and wildlife. Her passion to travel have only grown since then and she love recreating these parts in her paintings. Her artwork is also her free zone where she can express her feeling and thoughts. Style wise, she believes that working in a single style would be restrictive to her artistic process. Instead, not boxing her style in allows for each idea and thought to manifest in its own individual expression.

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