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I'm Klara, I'm messy both in life and in art! I'm an explorer and a creative being more than an artist. I don't strive for perfection, I strive to express myself.
I'm from and currently live in Umeå, I paint on the floor of my living room once my son has gone to sleep! But my dream is to make it as a full-time artist.



I take inspiration from creativity in general. hearing a song, seeing a book cover or even a building may inspire me to create.
I mainly get inspired by my creative thoughts and ideas that spark my inquisitive side as to how they would look on a canvas or paper.

Self-taught, trial and error is my style of learning.

Konst i kvarn - 2021

I don't stick to one technique. I enjoy trying different things and changing how I work. If I had to choose one that I use more often it would probably be mixed media, although I do like to continuously change things to make things more exciting.