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AnnChatrin Lasu Forsén

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“My work as a psychologist and psychotherapist has inspired me a lot and given my art new dimensions. Now, without words - viewing and expressing inner and outer worlds. Where the conscious meet the subconscious. Texture, colors and layer on top of layers are important aspects in my work.” - AnnChatrin Lasu Forsén



A big inspiration for AnnChatrin’s abstract artworks is the American abstract expressionist Lee Krasner. One could however, also sense some influences from the German abstract visual artist Gerhard Richter - in AnnChatrin Lasu Forsén’s pieces. Wouldn’t you say?

AnnChatrin is autodidact.

AnnChatrin Lasu Forsén is now, more than ever, entering into the digital realm of sharing her abstract works. So be sure to follow her journey on Instagram and on Facebook!

Past exhibitions:
2018 - 'Inner and outer worlds', Lagerhuset, Gothenburg
2020 - 'Paintings', Gallery Lord & Lydia, Gothenburg
2022 - Affordable Art Fair Stockholm, Artist Arena, Stockholm
2022 - Engleson Galleries, Gothenburg
2023 - Artist Arena Showroom, Stockholm
2023 - Engleson Galleries, Gothenburg 400-årsjubileum
2024 - Artist Arena Fabriken, Stockholm

The medium used in AnnChatrin’s artworks is mainly oil paint. Having the paint overlap, layer upon layer, often creates for a thick texture, rich in contrast on the canvas surface. Creating both shifts in colors as well as a subtle 3D effect, from a viewer standpoint.

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