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Peter is a self-taught amature artist who paints on spare time. “I mostly paint abstract art on different kinds of canvases, but love to explore new ways to express my art. I love to be creative and see colors mix and create life.” - Peter Frejeberg



“My inspiration is in my everyday life and most of the things I see is a potential picture or coloration to the next painting. Also, other artists gives me courage to try new things.
All kinds of music is a big source of inspiration, it feels like everything goes hand in hand in a beautiful mix of tones and colors.​
And maybe the biggest part of inspiration is all the emotions that runs through you, the greatest tool for creativity. The hardest part in the making is to trust the process,
a painting needs time, time and time.
I want the paintings to tell the viewers a story or a situation,
or that people can create or see their own story in it.” - Peter Frejeberg

Showing some of my works at Epok restaurant Öland.

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