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Born in 1992 on Öckerö, a charming island in Gothenburg's archipelago, Henrik's early life was shaped by the sea and nature.

His father, Jens, a nature enthusiast, took Henrik on expeditions across Sweden, fostering his deep connection with wildlife. At ten, Henrik held his father's Nikon F90 and fell in love with photography. Four years later, he got his own camera and began documenting his world.

During high school, despite dyslexia, Henrik excelled in a photography course, eventually becoming an assistant teacher. After graduation, he worked at Gothenburg's auction house, where an idea took root - he wanted to create and sell his fine art prints.

Wildlife photography became Henrik's passion. In 2016, during a four-month journey across Southeast Asia, his dream crystallized. He began showcasing his limited art collection in Swedish galleries, captivating viewers with snapshots from around the world.

Henrik's vision extends beyond photography. He seeks to preserve wildlife and habitats by donating a portion of art sales. His goal is not only to leave a legacy of captivating imagery but also to ensure future generations can experience these creatures in the wild.

When not traveling, Henrik calls Stockholm home, his base for the next off-the-beaten-path adventure. His mission remains constant: to capture nature's beauty and inspire its conservation through art.



In the world of fine art photography, inspiration often finds its roots in the most unexpected places. For many, it begins with the influence of remarkable artists whose work transcends the boundaries of the visual medium. Two such luminaries, Mathias Klum and David Yarrow, have illuminated our paths with their captivating imagery, but the journey towards fine art photography often begins much closer to home.

My personal odyssey into the world of fine art photography can be traced back to the most profound and intimate source of inspiration - my father. As a child, I would borrow his camera, a trusty companion that had seen countless adventures and captured a lifetime of memories. I would hold that camera in my small hands and dream of capturing the world as I saw it - a world brimming with beauty and wonder.

As I grew and honed my skills, my admiration for artists like Mathias Klum and David Yarrow deepened. Their ability to transcend the ordinary and capture the extraordinary in nature and wildlife photography became a touchstone for my own work. Their images spoke of a deep reverence for the natural world, a sense of awe, and an unwavering commitment to conservation. They taught me that photography could be a powerful force for change, a means to raise awareness and inspire action on critical environmental issues.

- IHM Business school.
- Master of photography.