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Introducing André Guldhjärta, better known as Guldhart, an artist from Limhamn, Sweden, with a profound fascination for our whiskered companions, cats. He ingeniously weaves the Swedish translation of his last name, "gold heart," into his artistic persona.

But Guldhart's art is more than just a visual delight. It's a medium through which he raises awareness about heart health by integrating heart motifs into his art featuring these beloved creatures. The figure he often portrays is a reflection of both himself and a panther.

What makes his art truly exceptional is his hands-on approach, where he crafts in diverse and unconventional ways, incorporating a wide range of materials. He bridges the gap between traditional and futuristic art, embracing the future rather than shunning it.

Guldhart is a strong advocate for creative experimentation and aims to inspire others through his work. His driving force is to connect with fellow artists and collaborate, believing that the world of art is often too isolated and self-absorbed. A shared passion can only enrich the artistic experience. Welcome to his world of creativity.

Anatomy 30 cm (SOLD)


Guldhart finds his inspiration in the contemporary art scene of China, which is known for its emphasis on art toys. He strikes a balance between embracing these modern influences while staying true to traditional art methods. I try to get inspired by my life and everything beautiful in this world.

However, what truly sets his art apart is its chameleon-like quality. His creations have the remarkable ability to adapt and be interpreted in various creative ways by anyone who encounters them. He's on a mission to break free from limitations and explore the boundless realm of creativity.

André Guldhjärta is a graphic designer at heart, hailing from a family steeped in creativity, with artists and musicians as close relatives. His vibrant upbringing and an innate passion for various forms of creativity have always ignited his curiosity. He's a self-taught learner, someone who dives into research and experimentation headfirst. He labors away, exploring every possible combination and approach to discover the path that resonates with him the most.

What truly sets him apart is his boundless patience and unwavering determination to overcome setbacks. As a self-learner, he visualizes his goals and dives into action without overthinking the process. His approach is about doing it and making it happen, one step at a time.

As it stands, I'm currently putting a lot of effort into local exposure, especially in Copenhagen. However, I'm also working on expanding my presence throughout Sweden and internationally. I'm constantly brewing up new ideas and projects in my mind, but time is my limiting factor. Nevertheless, everything has its place and will see the light of day eventually. Right now, I'm actively collaborating with other artists who are more driven by the pure love of art.

My technique is partly inspired by construction and various inventions I've created to meet my own needs. I employ diverse methods depending on whether I'm working on sculptures, paintings, or something else. I refer to my workspace as a laboratory, filled with mess and grime. It's from this chaos that something beautiful emerges, which is an amazing feeling.

My painting process varies, but I prefer to do everything in one go. I don't like leaving work pending. I use spray paint, various forms of acrylics, and ink. I might even use epoxy paint on occasion.