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I grew up in a small village in the countryside dreaming big of seeing the world. I ended up in Paris and studied french and fashion design during four years. Today I live with my partner in the countryside near the sea just outside Stockholm. I paint at home dreaming of my own studio. I have always worked creatively, in textile, graphic form and now as an interior designer. The painting began with training in Vedic Art with founder Curt Källman.
My true desire is to create art that touches your heart. I believe full hearted in the healing power of nature. If I can help to heal, find peace, joy – then I’m home.

Wonderland 74x97


The biggest thing for me about my painting is the experience of something bigger, the joy and feeling of having found away, found home. It has become an extension of my spiritual path that has been there since childhood.
Creating from the heart and joy in complete security without any judgments is like opening a faucet to the source, the origin of everything. Textures inspires me, I can find it anywhere, in nature, stones, metal, wood... very often they make me think of beautiful fabrics for example clothes, interior or poetry.

2014 Diplomerad Inredare, distansutbildning Interior Design Institute, UK

2014 Diplomerad Visual Merchandiser, Folkuniversitetet, Stockholm

2012–2013 Fotografi – Visuell kommunikation och Digital bildbehandling,
distansutbildning Jönköpings högskola,15p

2010 Master Grafisk design och Reklam, 1 termin, disttansutbildning, Forsbergs skola, Stockholm

1997–1998 Konsthistoria, kvällskurs, Folkuniversitetet, Stockholm, (motsv. Universitetet 20p)

1995–1996 Grafisk form, kvällskurs, Forsbergs skola, Stockholm

1988–1990 Klädformgivning, Studio Bercot, Paris

1986 Textil-och sömnad, 1 år, Västertorps vuxengymnasium, Stockholm

1984 Grund-och yrkeskurs,1 år, Stockholms Tillskärarakademi, Stockholm

Grundkurs AutoCad,3 dagar, NFI, Stockholm 2018

Copy, grundkurs, Satellit, Stockholm 2003

Lilla konstskolan, Konstskolan, Stockholm 1999

Vedic Art grund/forts och lärarutbildning hos bl a Curt Källman, 1998-99

Typografi, Håkan Lindström, Folkuniversitetet, Stockholm 1995

Croquis – olika kurser under åren

Acryl, mixed media.

It usually starts from which color that attracts me at the moment and which feeling I want to express. A dialogue with the painting then develops. What format, textures? Many times I have words coming to mind. I play around with the composition, sometimes there are so many layers of colors before I find it. I mostly work in acrylic with elements of different mediums to create textures and life, always curious to find new ways to express my feelings.

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