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Artist ArenaPortfoliosAnna Ygdevik


I am a creative graphic designer and contemporary artist based in Stockholm.
My work revolves around creating vibrant and imaginative art, both new and inspired by traditional concepts.
I specialize in dreamlike portraits that combine bold colors, movement and a sense of playfulness, all aimed at evoking positive energy. I am particularly passionate about capturing the beauty and strength of individuals,
with focus on feminin expressions.

Undone day


I find inspiration in the beautiful colors of life. The inner strength and energy that shines from peoples hearts,
the vibrant colors of the city, and the stunning colors of nature inpires me.
I am especially drawn to the cheerful and positive colors of the 60s, a time when bright and happy colors were popular. These different sources of inspiration help me create artwork that reflects the beauty and positivity in the world.

Textil formgivning

Berghs School of communication:

Exhibition Artwork Östermalmshallen May 2024


When I begin a painting, I usually have a vision in my mind. From there, I dive into the creative process,
letting my instincts guide me as I make brushstrokes and explore different techniques. I trust my artistic intuition and make deliberate choices along the way. This allows me to create a piece that is uniquely mine.