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Filippa is a 32 years old contemporary artist from Sundbyberg where she also grew up and has her studio. She has always worked with something creative, but is primarily an illustrator. In her art, the woman is in focus and with a mix of mixed techniques create beautiful colorful motivs. She lets straight lines meet soft sensual shapes that together create a balance. She is often captivated by colors and texture and she is inspired by people, nature and patterns. Innovation is something she loves and to mix it with new techniques and methods is making every painting unique.



Inspired by people, nature and patterns. Sometimes by a feeling, a moment or a facial expression.


March 29th-April 8th : Solo Exhibition at Artist Arena Showroom.

My artwork is represented at private collectors in Sweden but also in Spain and USA. You can also find my paintings at Grand Hotell Stockholm's newly renovated floors and lobby.

Mix of acrylic, charcoal, alcohol inc and metallic leafs.

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