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I am born and raised in Sweden (1989) and currently working with marketing and advertising. I have always loved being creative and used writing poetry to communicate my feelings.

In 2018 I went through life that made me turn to painting abstract. Not knowing anything about it but it became pretty much an escape in my own world.

In 2020, still painting very little just for a hobby, I wanted to explore more than abstract and started drawing silhouettes. I come from a family with 5 sisters, so drawing females came very naturally.

Why I fell in love with painting is because it let's me express myself and open emotions that words can't describe. It is my deepest thoughts on a canvas. My naked thoughts are completely exposed for anyone to take part in and have an opinion about. There's a story behind it. Both my story but also the observer's. There is a fantasy that is starting to shape when you look at a piece of art and your imagination is creating it which I find beautiful.



​My inspiration comes from my experiences. I am a dreamer and I love to travel and learn about new cultures.
My whole platform is celebrating women. I'm all about having a woman tribe and it started with my mother and sisters passing on that strength, empowerment, and support. That's what inspires me and what I want to celebrate with my paintings.

Web communication and social media.