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I'm a swedish artist based in Stockholm.
I have a passion for butterflies, animals and female faces and I'm painting portraits of them in acrylic on canvas.
My art style is a colorful mix of abstract expressionism and realism.

Den lyckliga lilla räven


The world! I get inspiration from interactions with people around me, peaceful forest walks, social media, Pinterest and YouTube.
My ideas come to me when I least expect them to appear, but mostly at bedtime when I'm trying to sleep.

Hyper Island, Stockholm.
Digital Design, Kristianstad University.

New paintings weekly, check out my instagram emmy.eriksson.art.

Previous exhibitions:
2024 - Galleri Upsala
2012 - Bälinge Bygdegård
2011 - Ljusgården Uppsala Vandrarhem & Hotell

Acrylic on linen canvas