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My name is Anitha and I have moved to Sweden with my family about 15 years back from India. My husband's work brought us here. After living in Sweden for sometime without a job I started learning Swedish and now I can say maybe I am linguist. I love the Swedish language and speak a few more Indian languages.

For the last 6 years I have worked in a school/preschool. And I started painting about 4 years back after facing a personal traumatic situation. I had gone through so much that it had affect my mental health and so did my journey to discovering art began. I started off painting murals in glass bottles and then began painting in small canvases. I kept myself busy learning art and tips and tricks via YouTube and little did I know that I have great passion towards art and wanted to pursue art for life. Just very recently I have taken a decision to discontinue working and wanted to focus on my art.



Inspiration for me comes from different sources, be it a photograph of a landscape I have seen or the colors from other artwork. I try to capture the energy from the colors I see around and bring in the piece I work. Sometimes looking back at my old paintings inspires me to update the piece. Nature is another source of inspiration. I love to wander in the forest specially during a bright sunny autumn day.

Everyday is a learning process, life teaches us many things as we live. So my paintings has evolved through the years by learning and making mistakes. Mistakes are a part of life and one must make some.

Bachelor of Computer Science.

Often times I tend to finish a painting in one sitting. I am so excited to see the process from start to finish of the painting and sometimes I cant put a hold.

However if I work on bigger paintings it does need time to dry and start the process. This is especially when I use structure mediums or textures mediums on the canvas.

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