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Lars Johansson is a carpenter to trait and only began painting by coincidence. While on a sailing trip with his partner, whom had brought watercolors and paper, he rediscovered the joy of expressing himself in color.

Lars johansson konst 1


Lars started working with watercolors but today he has furthered his work towards acrylics as well. Which is now his main medium. He experiments quite a lot with different tools and techniques. Sometimes the finished work portrays a sailing boat or the archipelago. Other times the finished painting is an expressive abstraction.

For inspiration, Lars looks alot to the archipelago. Living on Djurö island in the Stockholm archipelago and spending quite a lot of time at sea, this is a natural source of inspiration for Lars’s work.


Lars is currently working with two creative ends simultaneously. One end is with heavy layers of acrylic color, for expressive abstractions. The other is motives of sailing boats at see. Where he himself have spent and spend a lot of his spare time.