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5 years ago Shipley put paint to canvas during an evening of good food and drinks. Not quite realising what was to come.

Fast forward 5 years later, Shipley has sold over 160 paintings worldwide. New to the exhibition scene, but having found a large group of clients and collectors alike who share a love for neon art work.

Inspired by 80’s and 90’s neon, street art stencils, combined with using the English language in its comical form, Shipley creates stand out pictures that brings a unique style to their art work. Hope you enjoy…


My inspiration comes in the form mostly of words and quotes that i find either inspirational, to show love, and even quotes that stand out. I even have for the pictures of people and body form, with inspiration for the human body, its curves and different but wonderful uniqueness. My backgrounds have also evovled, being inspired by the challenge of using new and unique backgrounds in which to create neon pictures on. Further, i want people to have art in their homes that can be appreciated everyday, that will bring warmth to the heart, to show love for another, to brighten a home, and perhaps even a smile on someones face.

My education is in the form of Business Management, and my professional background within recruitment. My education and background as an aritst, having found my passion in creating art work, i spent years working my free time, to develop my technique. Still developing my art work, observing others, and art pieces, also constantly looking for new ways and texts to use in my own work. 4 years of hard work and practice, with plenty still to come.

New projects coming up include new picture backgrounds, along with body form pictures.

Stockholms Konstsalong - 25 MARS - 2 APRIL - 12:00-18:00

Others during 2023, based in Stockholm, with dates to be confirmed.

My technique is to use either stretched canvas or even a paper & cotton mix 300g paper. Firstly creating a background that will highlight the neon picture, this can vary in colour and texture. Creating backgounds, i can use acrylic and spray paint. For the more rippled effects pictures, this is using cotton sheets, combined with a hardning mixture.

The neon art technique, firstly by hand i draw out the design on the background, then using acrylic paint, i complete the base. Then using paint spray, and followed by layers of acrylic paint, varing in shades, to give the effect of neon lights.

The painting process can vary. Creating a background can take from hours to days, then the final neon effect, can be completed in a matter of days.

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