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Nina was born and raised in Trollhättan, Sweden. Today, Nina lives with her husband and two daughters in Sjuntorp, about 1 mile south of Trollhättan. Rural with nature around the house. This is also where Nina has her studio. Besides painting Nina loves to travel, explore the world and spiritual experiences. Painting is Ninas meditation and balance her otherwise quite busy life. Her dream is to be an artist full-time and one step towards that was to buy her self the best 50 year birthday gift; an one year online Masteryprogram by Milan Art Institute. Nina learnt to paint the classic methods with oil, mixed media acrylics, finding her voice and marketing.



When I paint, I embark on a journey into abstract worlds, with the ambition to capture the intangible in a concrete form. Through the lively interplay between colors, shapes and textures, I strive to create a visual language that transcends words and touches the soul.

Milan Art Institute, Masteryprogram. A one year online course where Nina painted 20h a week.

6 april -4 maj: "På tillfälligt besök". Carlstad Art Gallery. Vernissage 6/4 kl 12-15.
14-15 september: Älvkultur in Trollhättan.

Mixed media oilpaintings.
The style is abstract realism.

Most often I start with inks, spraypaint and acrylic and finish with oils.

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