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GET A PEAK OF THE ARTISTS HOME AND STUDIO -> https://www.elle.se/decoration/hemma-hos-sara-kallberg-pa-sodermalm/8662497

Sara Källberg is a Swedish artist with a chaotic and colourful expression, creating contemporary and abstract art pieces under the artist name OBSKYR (the Swedish word for obscure).

Midsummer nights dream


As an artist OBSKYR is heavily influenced by street art and also intrigued by ideas from a vast range of sources. Background music and lyrics are a common triggers, but also social media as well as more traditional media and papers. Her pieces often integrates text or symbols, highlighting trivial everyday struggles as well as larger social issues and structures. Created from a female perspective, often with an intent to make the observer question social norms and male dominance, but in a subtle manner that leaves interpretation to the beholder.


• 23-27 Jan: Solo Exhibition, Dekadens & Jävelskap, Artist Arena (Stockholm)
• 4 Mar: Buyer Exhibition, Industrigatan (Lidköping)
• 25 Mar - 2 apr: Vårsalong, Stockholmskonstsalong (Stockholm).
• 13 May - 18 jun: Vårsalong, Bananrepubliken (Hedvigsfors).
• 8-16 Mar: Group Exhibition, Oak Island Gallery (Stockholm).

• 21-24 Apr: Affordable Art Fair: (Stockholm).
• 23-26 Jun: Art Nordic (Copenhagen, Denmark).
• 12-13 Aug: Kulturfestival (Lidköping).
• 10-25 Sep: Vår Salong Kulturhuset Stadsteatern (Stockholm)
• 15 Oct – 4 Dec: PASA Festival (Seoul, South Korea).
• 5 Nov: Konstafton (Lidköping).

The artistic style is raw rather than refined, using a mix of acrylics, spray, pen, and liquid ink. Continuously exploring mediums and technics, often painting on Plexiglas as well as old frames previously used for screen printing.

Her pieces are vibrant and were initially exclusively created after late nights out. Locking herself into a closet and using paint to process hardships and joys of being single and the interactions that followed - frequently questioning both own and others sense and sanity. What started out as a creative outlet, dealing with nightly madness and meetings, however, quickly grew into a full-time obsession.

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  • I´M YOUR OWL (håll mig).

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