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"For some reason, people have always observed me as someone with an ‘artistic spirit’, even when I have not been painting. This ‘spirit’ has made life pretty complicated for me, to deal with the structures, the expectations and the rhythm within this society. But when I embrace this ‘spirit’, and let myself experience life through art, everything starts to make sense and I reach an inner peace." - Vendel Linder

Vendela is an artist based in Stockholm, Sweden. With a background within fashion and graphic design, she has developed an artistic expression in the borderline of these fields. This artistic expression comes across under the name of ‘Lavendelfabrik’.

Allt är logiskt när det blänker


Through painting, Lavendelfabrik is dealing with the fantasy fetus and chemarias inside her head. By giving them form, character and personality, she gets to know them and out of that understands her own head and inner world.

Art has for her come to work as a tool to deal with the contradictory elements and internal conflicts inside of her. The frustration and restlessness meets the fascination, wonder and love to this life. With a strong belief that human beings are created to be creators, that the creation happens in the force field created by our contradictions and our longing to understand the mystery of life. Through painting, she is experiencing life – her inner sphere and the world outside of her becomes connected.

- Community Art, Utrecht University, 2020
- Fashion Illustration, Swedish Shool of Textiles, 2019
- Pattern Design and Graphic Techniques, Formakademin, 2015 - 2016

11-20e november 2022,
Solo Show,
Artist Arena Showroom, Upplandgatan 48, Stockholm.

Vendela mixes materials and techniques in an unconventional way. Acrylic and oil mixes with posca pens, tipex, sparkling powder etc.