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Living in the outskirts of Gothenburg on a tiny island called Björkö. Startade with this about 5-7 years ago when i did an really shitty sketch on my dog, but a friend liked it and I bought some papper and pen, slowly i found watercolors etc and mainly did some drawings of buddys and I dont know what. 3 years ago I did a 'Frank Zappa' in black and white and a friend bought it at once. Since Im a musician and knows a lot about my generations music, I started to do more and more of that and it started to sell. I do capture the persons attitude with unrealistic proportions, humor placments of probs and strong colors, and a playfull approach energetic and creative. Often it puts a smile on youre face. Im not making copy's. Its most in acryl, mixed media, except no oil. I do request.

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Lets take that another time.


Gothenburg Guitarshow 20-21 of April.

Konstvågen Björkö 2-4 Augusti.

Rootsy Summerfest Falkenberg 16-18 Augusti.

Mixed media except no oil.