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I’m a small town girl from the northern part of Sweden who paints semi-abstract landscapes in acrylic with small details of animals, buildings and flowers etc. Being creative and creating is a lifestyle for me, something I'm passionate about. Whether it's painting, sculpting, photography or something else creative. It's a part of me, and has been for as long as I can remember. I started to paint abstract art in 2022 as therapy during a long post-covid period that made me very sick. Abstract was the only art form my brain could handle during that period and I fell in love with it completely. And my art has continued to evolve since then. I also have a great love for animals and nature, which is a big part of my life and reflected in my art. The small details in my paintings such as animals, flowers, small buildings and boats began to emerge more and more in the last year.

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The coexistence of animals, nature and people around the world should be a beautiful story. But sometimes we humans forget that the earth is home to all of us. Both animals and nature end up in the shadows sometimes. With my art, I want to create a harmonious and warm feeling between animals, nature and people who live their lives side by side, where everyone has the right to exist. I have a dream and vision to develop as an artist, but also as a person and give myself opportunity to spend more time on the things I love, to have a creative everyday life and contribute with volunteer work for various animal and nature organizations.

Self-taught artist who just loves to create!