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I am a visual artist and have my studio on the island of Lidingö outside Stockholm, where I run two businesses. The other is the design of corporate identities, logos, websites and magazine design.

Since 2016, I work as a freelancer with both businesses to be able to balance how much time they take and when I work on what.

Until 2020, I have exhibited two or three times a year and hope to start doing it again. In between, I have received orders for paintings, designs and illustrations. There I use different techniques and styles to achieve the storytelling style that best suits different projects. Everything from charcoal drawings to digital.

Hanöbukten, the Baltic Sea 2016


I often paint dramatic and poetic aspects of nature. How light shapes and highlights simple things and how light – and weather – shape landscapes, seas and urban environments. For me, nature is a source of inspiration that never fades or becomes uninteresting.

Light is my inspiration. An English artist expressed it as "the poetry of nature" and I fully agree to that description In addition, I am equally inspired by how light highlights urban environments.

Interaction Design, Berghs School of Communication
2020 - 2020

Grandees, a school for artistic education, later called Basis.

Oil on canvas
Gouache when traveling and for smaller studies.

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