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My name is Oulaya Kebbaj, I am 31 years old and live with my little family in Stockholm. I am an auto-didact artist, coming from a family of artists, and have learned different techniques by myself. I use acrylic, spray paint and have fallen in love with texture art aswell.
I work in Marketing during the day, and paint during my free time.

Blooming Tales n4 - 2023


Nature! Nature is my first inspiration, i aspire to bring joy through my paintings by incorporating my beautiful nature surroundings and also spring flowers.

I have a masters degree in Marketing and Sales and an advanced diploma in French language.

My next exhibition in on the May 31rst in Gallery Hind in Stockholm.

Mixed media. I work with both acrylic and texture.

My painting process depends on what style i go for, usually a textured painting takes many days as it needs time to dry.

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