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I'm a self-taught artist. I always been interesting in moving out of my comfort zone and experience different cultures
and languages.
Since I was a kid I've been driven and interesting by beauty and emotions in all matters.
Based in Stockholm since 2006, father to Sofia 14 years old (my heart).
I Studied Industrial/interior design, but 7 years back I have decided to become full time artist and follow my passion.
Most of my art work is oil on canvas. Figurative, abstract, realism, etc... I don't have a specific style that defines me.

Having a drink with death


My main source always will be human beauty, emotions and feelings.
But inspiration comes always unexpected, sometimes with in a song, childhood memories, new experiences or situations that sometimes may not below to us.

Master degree in Industrial/interior Design at Autonomous University of Guadalajara. Mexico

Self-taught artist in oil and acrylic on canvas since 94

Exhibition "Dia de Muertos" Embrace Life at Etnografiska museet, Stockholm. Oct 30 - nov 23 2022

Collective Exhibition at Gallery Soph Art Mexico City dec 2022

Collective Exhibition at Gallery Soph Art Monterrey, NL. city. Mexico Jan 2023

Hope to have a Solo Exhibition on the 21 jun 2023 Artist Arena Stockholm . :)

Most of my art work is made of oil on canvas, but I started my art career with acrylic on canvas back in 94.
Which means that I may work sometimes with acrylic if the collection or technique requires it. I use mostly brushes and spatula to create my art. I do work also with sculptures made on wood, paper mache and clay. working with bronze is in projects .

I'm very analytic. Thats where everything starts ! In my head with the Tema.
I do analysed a lot before I start the real work on canvas, I need to make sure that I'm choosing the right technique before any stroke.
Once I have decide if the collection will be abstract or figurative then I do choose the canvas size.
Of course changes are often done during the process. I never stop learning . I always mix my colours, meaning that don't use the direct colour from the tube.
Because of oil colours drying time, texture and result I want to achieve with my work, it can take between 2-4 weeks of process each painting. Figurative art always takes longer than abstract to me .