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I’m since 1996 been working full time as an artist in Gamla Filmstaden Solna. Being mostly interested in the craftsmanship in everything I do, whether it’s painting, sculpturing, model building, designing. I just love to start new projects.

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What inspires me as an artist is how colours can get us to reflect and feel in different ways, all dependent on the colour.
I myself continuously look for that special feeling when I paint or am sculpting.
The places where I have my two studios is also of great inspiration. In Gamla Filmstaden; Film history, where both Greta Garbo, Ingrid Bergman and Ingmar Bergman got their first break as actors and director.
At my summer studio on Färingsö is where my big flower paintings come alive on the canvas.

Mainly self trained with several courses at different schools over the years

My upcoming projects are the delivery three big flower paintings to three different customers.
On the 25th of August on Filmstadens Dag I’m part of the program as artist and will have my studio open for visitors.
The weekend of 21-22 of September I’m one stop on the “Konstringen” on Mälaröarna.
Konstringen is a yearly event where 45 artists jeep Theorin studios Opel to the public.
In October I will be one of three artists showing their works at Fabriken by Artist Arena.

Mainly painting using acrylic and pastel on linen or canvas, original as well as mixed media. Furthermore I also produce fine-art prints of my favourite paintings.
My sculptures are made of clay.

Using brushes, spatulas, crayons and other tools is how I get the right feeling into my paintings.
The colour is used in both runny and non-runny to create the right, slightly 3D structure.
I mostly use canvas on which I put primer, then I sketch the motive using charcoal. Then I start with the first of several layers of coulors.