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Sofie Sjöström (born in 1970) from Uppsala, is a Swedish artist and designer. With her colorful and strongly patterned art and design, her aim is to inspire joy and energy in the everyday.

Sofie finds it extra interesting how colors interact with each other. Her abstract art is characterized by a rich contrast of colors, and she often uses complementary colors to enhance her motives. She usually uses acrylic painting and pastel crayons on linen canvas. Sofie Sjöström has also been one of the jury members at Liljevalch's Spring Salon.



Peoples different moods and temperaments inspire her. In her paintings you can see themes such as love, happiness and joy to being together again after the pandemic time.

Another inspiring theme is the nature. During the summer she spend a lots of time in Roslagen and on the island Gotland, where she get inspiration for new color schemes. Sofie often photographs the nature and transmits the colors in to her paintings.

- Imprim Artcenter, Uppsala

- Umeå Institute of Design, Master of fine Arts.

AFFORDABLE ART FAIR 4/10 - 8/10 2023. Nacka strandmässan, Stockholm.

SIGTUNA KULTURGÅRD 14/10 - 23/10 2023 Stora nygatan 1, Stockholm

BRASSERIE 21, 10/11 - 26/11 2023, Uppsala

Visit Sofie Sjöström on www.sofiesjostrom.se

Instagram @sofie_sjostrom_design

Acrylic painting on linen canvas.

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