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Erik is a swedish/mexican artist and graphic designer, currently reciding in Jönköping Sweden.
In Erik’s abstract pieces he conveys his feelings, emotions and thoughts. Inviting the spectators to recognize themselves but also to make their own personal interpretations. Erik Experiments with various mediums including, acrylics, oil, pastel, spray paint and more to achieve desired effects. Erik’s paintings often express a sense of movement and the use of contrasting lights and darks create powerful lighting in his pieces.

Feeling Blue


The inspiration for my work often comes to me spontaniously and a piece will often change many times during the process until I'm happy with what the piece represents for me.
With a background in graphic design I get very inspired by mixing digital and physical art together, creating animations, Augmented Reality art and more.

New Media Design
Bachelor in Informatics
Jönköping University 2016-2019

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