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I am Bijouxduvah, born in 1981, originally from Sweden but deeply influenced by both the Mediterranean and the USA, where I have lived for many years. Bijouxduvah serves as my artistic pseudonym, reflecting my aspiration to evoke sentiments of hope, joy, and tranquility through my work. My aim is to incite emotional resonance, stimulate imagination, and foster curiosity in those who engage with my art. The poems that are composed for each work is an equally important part of my art as the paintings I create.

I believe that art, particularly abstract art, should strike a balance between personal expression and universal appeal, offering a unique experience to each observer.



My paintings draw inspiration from life's events, woven together into a story.
You may notice recurring motifs in my artworks, each appearing in different contexts. The emotions I experience during the creative process are reflected in the unique poems I write for each piece.

Diversive background spanning various industries, including sales, entrepreneurship in the art world, and extensive background within the media industry. Furthermore, I have recently completed a procurement training program in February and have been successfully managing my own gallery for nearly two years.

Formal Education
- Business Management, Santa Monica College
- Business Management/Economics, IHM Business School
-SILF- Procurement Training Program (Inköp)

12-18th February - ArtShow in Gothenburg
18 mars - 14 april - Solo Show in Svenska Mässan / Gothia Towers

Abstract art with mixed mediums and material from the nature.Much like life itself each painting is layered with color and structure, building a rich story with every stroke.

My painting process is deeply rooted in inspiration drawn from nature, specific events, or emotions that arise during particular periods of my life. I find inspiration in people and their unique stories. It feels natural for me to paint abstract figures representing humans in a figurative manner. In my paintings, you often see recurring figures portrayed in different environments, each intended to evoke various emotions for the viewer.