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I am a daydreamer and nightthinker, an introvert who sometimes reach out to people :-) . I have painted all my life, just recently found the guts to show my paintings to a bigger audience. I have two main concepts, The Thoughtful Ones and the Colorful Ones, although there might be yet another one waiting to be seen. Painting is so fulfilling to me and practising patience and trust that the painting knows what it wants to become rather than forcing it forward, is very good for the soul. And very opposite my former business life.

Before where I am now I had a long career in marketing and also had a couple of businesses of my own. Some years ago I set a goal for myself to be a fulltime painter, here I am, and I look forward to share my work for many years to come.

As I started this career later in life, I hope to inspire others to dare to go for it. If you dream of painting, writing or whatever it might be, don't hold back and give yourself freedom to do what you really love. Whatever your innermost dreams are, let them roam. It is scary but it is so worth it! I also donate a small share from each sold painting to a dog rescue organisation from where my own dog comes.

What If..


I am inspired by music, colors, textures and just about every little thing that I see when I move through life. Sometimes a perfectly shaped sentence can make me want to paint something that visually expresses whe feeling the words create. But mostly I am inspired by music. I think that might shine through some of my paintings as well.

Grupputställning/Group Exhibition at Galleri Grip
2024-05-18 - 2024-05-21
Celsiusgatan 2, Stockholm
Galleri Grip Spring Exhibition
2024-03-09 - 2024-03-17
Celsiusgatan 2, Stockholm
Galleri Grip Winter Exhibition
2024-01-05 - 2024-01-17
Celsiusgatan 2, Stockholm

Acrylic and mixed media.

Works for sale (4)