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As a former marketeer turned self-taught artist, I create vibrant, joyful abstract paintings in my Stockholm studio. Often large scale and full of bold colours my artworks bring positive energy and playfulness to any contemporary home.

Games of flora


Inspired by nature, travels and children’s literature both outer and inner landscapes emerge in more or less abstract form. I get my kicks out of contrasts and I’m always chasing that feeling of ”aliveness and wonder” thinking that if I’m feeling it, then hopefully I can pass it on so someone else will too.

25/3-2/4 Stockholms Konstsalong, Nacka
29-30/4 Odensala Konstrunda
2-3/9 Sigtuna Art Walk
4-8/10 Affordable Art Fair Stockholm

I create intuitively, exploring where my emotions need to go, each movement directly guiding the next. The process of artmaking is sometimes messy and raw. Sometimes it’s calm and transformative. There is rarely a plan and I’m almost always surprised of where I end up. It’s perfectly imperfect, just like life itself.

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