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Maria Slättman is a contemporary artist based in Sweden. She has been drawing and painting since early childhood and had a dream early on, of becoming an artist when growing up.

However, studies in life science took her in a different direction and she eventually acquired a doctor’s degree in molecular biology. She longed for an opportunity to express her creative side and the turning point came while living in Silicon Valley where she got influenced by San Francisco’s inspiring art scene. She started taking painting classes and finally a few years back there was an opportunity to change career path completely.

Maria has started to attract attention from different galleries and collectors in Europe in the U.S. Her artwork has been exhibited in physical and digital exhibitions in Sweden, France and Spain and she is moreover represented on several digital platforms.

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Maria is inspired by anything from the micro world within cells to patterns and color combinations that catches her eye. She uses colors, layers of paint, different tools and media to create depth and structure, contrast and balance, and is constantly striving to develop as an artist. She focuses on the creative process itself and the way the painting develops without a preconceived notion or her own interpretation of the end result.

- 2016-2019: Painting classes, Edsvik Konsthall, Sollentuna, Sweden

- 2018: Workshop ”Experimental painting with watercolor and other water-based techniques” lead by artist Gunilla Blomqvist

- 2017: Workshop ”Abstract and experimental acrylic painting” lead by artist Nelson Salazar Luna

- 2000-2003: Painting classes, Palo Alto Art Center, Palo Alto, CA, USA

Upcoming exhibitions
Group exhibition, Artist Arena at Parapix, October 27-November 27, 2023
Solo exhibition, Överby Gård Konstcentrum, January 13-28, 2024

Previous exhibitions
2023 Open art studio, Sollentuna konstrunda, September 23-24
2023 Solo exhibition Artist Arena Showroom, May 12-19
2022 Open art studio, Sollentuna konstronda, September 24-25
2022 Group exhibition, Artist Arena showroom, Stockholm
2022 Affordable Art Fair Stockholm, represented by Artist Arena
2022 Group exhibition, Van Gogh Art Gallery, Madrid, Spanien
2022 Solo exhibition, Nolato MediTech, Hörby
2021 Group exhibition, Galería Gaudí, Madrid, Spanien
2021 Affordable Art Fair Stockholm, represented by Galería Gaudí
2021 International Contemporary Art Fair Paris, represented by Van Gogh Art Gallery
2021 Digital group exhibition "Tékne", Galeria Azur Madrid, Madrid, Spanien
2019 Group exhibition "Blandade färger", Edsvik Konsthall, Sollentuna
2019 Solo exhibition, Chokladfabriken, Stockholm
2018 Julsalongen, Edsvik Konsthall, Sollentuna
2018 Group exhibition "Penseldrag - en grupp med färg", Roddarhuset, Waxholm

Mostly mixed media; acrylic paint in combination with pigments, charcoal, pastel and oil crayons, silk paper and different texture building pastes.

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