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Camilla Ryd is an artist and designer living in Stockholm. As a visual artist he is focused on the dual realms of outer and inner landscapes, reflecting life's perpetual evolution. Her artistic approach emphases on capturing the structural complexities and varied textures within the subjects.



Camilla finds inspiration in science and likes to draw and paint symbols from natural history, such as elder flora and volcanoes. She finds them fascinating as they mark a time longer than the human life span, especially during the Anthropocene. They are also compelling metaphors in our language to describe human emotional experiences and different phases in life.

Mastery Program, Milan Art Institute (2023-ongoing)
Acrylic Painting, Malmfältens Residential Collage (2022)
M.Sc Interaction Design, Malmö University(2011-2013)
B.Sc Media Studies, Stockholm University (2007-2010)
Sound Design, Stockholm University of the Arts (2006)
Aesthetics Programme, Visual Arts, Tessinskolan Secondary School (2000-2003)

Östberga Vårsalong 2024, Group exhibition.

From experimenting with different techniques as inks and acrylics, Camillas has started to hone in on oil painting and classic materials as safflower oil based colors and linnen canvas. She is passionate about environmental sustainability and carefully chooses thinners that are as friendly to her as to the environment. Her drawing process is inspired by all kinds of line work and she often turn to ink pens in various sizes.

Her painting technique mixes lessons form the old masters with impressions from a looser contemporary style. Creating sources from photos, found or taken by herself, and process them digitally to find the color schemes and sketching on paper to figure out composition.
Layering from thin-to-thick with glazing to create texture, transparent and opaque parts. Effects like glow, depth and rendering out areas is important for Camilla and brushstroke is carefully considered.