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I am a self taught artist with a great passion for creating art that resonates on both visual and emotional levels. With a foundation in graphic design, I have seamlessly transitioned into the world of fine art, specializing in acrylics, spray paint and mixed media. Through my work, I aim to convey a sense of joy, peace and presence. In essence, my passion for art is about more than "just" creating beautiful images, it´s about making a meaningful connection with others and encouraging them to live their best lifes. Through each piece , I hope to share the transformative power of art and inspire a sense of harmony and balance. I am a full time dreamer, and I am here to share my dreams with you through art.

Break through


My artistic journey is driven by an insatiable curiosity and a love for creative experimentation. My source of inspiration comes from the soul, the now and searching within. I am moved by beautiful colors, fashion and the essence of nature.

I have an education in Graphic Design and am self-taught in acrylics arts.

Vernissage i Gamla Stan på Galleri T, lördag 31 augusti.

Acrylic, spray paint and mixed media.

Before I begin painting I often spend time meditating or reflecting to connect with my inner thoughts and emotions. I start by conceptualizing the artwork in my mind, envisioning the colors, textures, and overall composition. Sometimes i sketch out rough ideas to capture my vision. As the painting progresses, I allow myself to be guided by intuition and spontaneity. I love this phase as it allows unexpected elements and emotions to emerge, shaping the artwork organically.