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Mette Ross is a Danish artist, living in Sweden since 2005. Her paintings are colorful abstract and often with a touch of gold. She loves creating 3D effects in her paintings, using all kind of materials. Her paintings are always made with different structures. She lives in Stockholm and have her studio on Skeppargatan 46, Östermalm. As a person Mette is like her art - very colorful!



“The inspiration for my work is drawn from dichotomies such as heaven and earth, from nature, the sea, and even from feelings. My favorite phrase to reflect on is "Live now, Die later". I have often also been inspired by other mediums such as music, a special song, and song titles. There are many artists who have inspired me, including Jackson Pollock.” - Mette Ross

Technique & Process:

Mette’s work consists of expressive abstract motifs with a mix of different materials. She works on all canvas sizes, often with strong colors and preferably with a “touch of gold". As a person, Mette is very colorful, which is reflected in her art. She paints with acrylic paint and she incorporates other materials such as mosaic, structure paint, and door knobs.

Her tools vary from brushes to paint knives, and examples of techniques used are action painting, where paint is splattered onto the canvas, as well as spray painting along with the acrylic paint. When the color flows, time stands still, as Mette describes it, in her lovely studio on Skeppargatan 46. Let Mette’s art "Color your Life and Rock Your Walls".

- Currently Exhibition at Djurönäset, Värmdö. (until 1st of July 2023)

- Next up is Affordable Art Fair 05 - 08 October 2023

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