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“My name is Anna Brandt and I live in Sweden. I started painting as recently as 2019. My mother was an artist and when she passed away I inherited her artist material.

This lead me to thinking that I could try it out. As I did, I was soon captivated. I never paint only one painting, but usually three pieces at a time. I never know what motive I should paint, but paint completely on emotion.” - Anna Brandt



“When I see white walls, it's like a blank canvas that I want to fill with color explosions and chaos. Color is important to me and even more important than the motif itself. When I produce on a completely empty canvas, I never know how it will end, pictures appear as and when, depending on thoughts, memories and mood.

My paintings are often an interpretation of the childhood and places I visited and also sometimes places I want to visit like all the beautiful gardens and parks around the world. On top of that, we have the Nordic nature with its special light. I can go out into the woods with my color chart and get lots of inspiration. When I was little, the weekend fun was to go with grandma and grandpa out in nature by car, we always had sandwiches and chocolate drinks in a thermos and chose a cozy place in the middle of nature, many of my motives come from these memories.” - Anna Brandt


Anna always starts by coloring the whole background in different layers. Then she paints the details. Afterwards, she then hangs the painting on the wall at home. For the simple reason that you by doing this can see what needs to be adjusted or if an additional color needs to be added so the motif does not feel "flat".

She prefers to paint outdoors in the garden because of the light and all the impressions one gets. Her motifs consist mostly of sky, nature and flowers. Usually in an abstract form with lots of colors. For the most part, Anna Brandt paints using her fingers, and almost never a brush. “If one uses ones fingers, the color flows better due to the heat from the hands and you do not have to mix the color with additives.” Acrylic paint is Anna’s favorite medium to paint with as it is easy to work with and it does not fade so the paint retains its strength.


“Nature and flowers are close to my heart, so it makes sense for the motifs to follow. Painting is like meditating, you disconnect everything and get into a calm and all everyday stress releases. My biggest inspiration is my mother Siv Brandt who was an artist. I grew up and saw her paint and got to follow her exhibitions as a child. Her paintings consisted of a lot of color so I suppose that I have probably been influenced by her. My family also contributes to great inspiration, almost all of them are artistic, either in crafts or music, so they grew up with a lot of impressions and creativity.

Nature gives us energy, on top of that the colors of nature are absolutely incredible. So a colorful painting in the classy and stripped-down homes makes one happy.” - Anna Brandt

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