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The inspirations to my paintings are from the daily life and I get inspiration from my surroundings and also inspired by all the arts.

Artistic Education:1997 Medborgarskolan 1998 – 2002 Studiefrämjandet 2004 Stora Konstlinjen Studjefrämjandet 2004 – 2006 Konstskolan Paletten Stockholm 2-year undergraduate full-time 2006 Concrete casting Nyckelviksskolan 2011 Model painting Gerlesborgsskolan 2011 Oil painting Gerlesborgsskolan Stockholm 2012 Painting Wrist. Georg Suttner Gerlesborg Bohuslän 2012 Painting Wrist. Helen Billgren 2013 Course Corsica Edsviks konsthall HL Carina Wall 2015 Course Gran Canaria Edsviks konsthall HL Salazar Luna 2015 Painting Gerlesborgsskolan Susanne Brännström 2016 Painting Gerlesborgsskolan Susanne Brännström 2017 Course in printmaking Liljeholmens Folkhögskola Anneli Ljung 2017 Landscape painting Gotland in May Annelie o Bo Ljung 2018 Black and white Annelie Ljung

I am always curious about new ideas and see it is an exciting challenge. I am also focused, energetic and implement always what I have decided on.

I'm painting with oil, acrylic and gauche. Drawing with charcoal and pencil and cuts out and integrate that often in my pictures. I paint most figurative and sometimes abstract landscapes. I have also tried to work with concrete, and I have also sculpting with clay.

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