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My name is Nathalie and I am a self-taught semi-abstract artist artist from Stockholm. Besides from painting I work as a CFO at a gym chain. Painting lets me explore the more creative part of myself. I often include animals and abstract human figures in my artwork. Color and structure is also in focus with inspiration from the beauty of nature.

One love


I have been painting my whole life as I find it very relaxing and I love how it lets me express the more creative part of myself. I take inspiration from powerful female characters, animals and the nature and how it beautifully varies between seasons.

Master in Business and Science - Uppsala University.

Galleri Grip 2023-11-11 -- 2023-11-15.

Acryllic paint on canvas, focus on layers and colors.

Creates one bsic layer of color and continues on with more layers and details until desired result appears.

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